The Return of Kalamashaka

October 23, 2014

My favorite Kenyan Hip Hop group is regrouping for an album. For the first time since Constantly, they have a new video for a song titled Moi Avenue. To say that I am excited is an understatement. For the first time in slightly over 5 years, I have been spurred to find the keys to this blog, dust the cobwebs a little and take a seat. I am a Kalamashaka fan like that (allow me some bragging right, I made the first ever Kalamashaka entry on Wikipedia. Which I just noted that it has been deleted at the time of publishing this post)

The song ‘Moi Avenue’ is not entirely new. It has been on Ken Ring’s (Swedish/Kenyan Producer) YouTube account for some months and titled ‘Huntaz.’ I have not yet established when it was recorded but I am certain a few tweets can mine such info.

I am not going to write a review of the video or the song itself. Any attempt to do so would be equivalent to fumes from a car that hasn’t been started in 5 years. There have been numerous attempts to have K-Shaka back but somehow the push startled the car failed to have the engine running. For some reason I have no words to explain, I feel this time it will work. True to their name, I am sure they’ve ‘eaten’ enough troubles and want to get past the rough phase and focus on releasing new music. I have at times felt like they should have maintained the name 3D Crew. May be we’d be watching their 3D videos instead of reading newspaper reports about their difficulties. But I’m certain they’ll overcome their challenges.

Die hard K-Shaka fans could be a little disappointed that Vigeti also known as Johnny (whom many consider to Kenya’s best emcee) does not have a verse on Moi Avenue. He however makes an appearance in the video. Kamaa who sings the chorus is not in the video. He has been away in the US for a while touring and giving talks on Ukoo Flani Mau Mau and Kenya’s hip hop. Rawbar (Robaa) is on the first verse and laments the over-play of Bongo Flava on Kenya’s radio. Here is the beautifully choreographed video.

Lastly, contrary to what many believe, K-Shaka hasn’t been all that silent. For those not informed, over the years since Dandora Burning album, there have been individual projects and collective ones too. Below YouTube playlist compiled by Ken Ring, you’ll find some other songs unheard on radio and other platforms. The playlist is not fully refined but I hope you’ll appreciate.


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