Paying Homage – 3 Years after, they are ripping the Fruits but Do They Care? | November 24, 2008

It just hit me that it’s been three years since we lost a man we have chosen to forget. A pioneer, a legend, a fighter, a talent lost. It also marks a decade since his earliest music was on constant rotation in the then two FM stations. Poxi Presha.The man who paved way for dholuo rap. The man who remixed the 70s acoustic benga hit, ‘Lunch Time’ by Gabby Omollo & Omondi Jassor fusing it with a rap. I am surprised there was no mention of his name all October!

The media, at Poxi’s career heights chose to ignore his positive side and went for his jugular because of his run in with producers, music pirates and promoters. We all know what those who started the current phenomenal in the 90s went through. There was little if any pay in music and the few heads (producers & promoters, FMs) around that the time swindled the likes of K-Shaka, Mashifta, In2, Poxi, Majizee, Gidigidi Majimaji, King Kong, Darling P, and many other artist known and unknown.

Lately, the Music Copyright Society has been collecting royalties on behalf of artists. It must be a huge relief for all of them to see that they going to get paid for their work. Poxi fought hard battles in the streets and in courts to see this happen. Poxi stopped doing music to first concentrate on this fight. He was not to rest until some justice was done. It’s unfortunate he didn’t live long enough to see the fruits of his struggle. Reads like the death of Garang in similarity right?

I wish those who were there in the beginning of Kenyan Hip Hop would have done a tribute to Poxi like the Ogopa camp has always done for their stable mate E-Sir. As a matter of fact, I feel all artists should come together and do a tribute for the man who never lived to see them get paid for their works. It’s through his ‘presha’ that you are getting paid. Or is this a case of the proverbial ‘a prophet is not accepted in his home town’? Nonini however gets some credit for his contribution (to royalty payments) and his tribute to Poxi for his song ‘Ngoma Yako’.

As we listen and watch to the good and the idiotic music on radio and TV, let us not forget this man. For the artists out there, spare a thought. Where you could be without the little you are getting from MCSK? Spare a thought for Poxi. My tribute, anybody out there with any of his music, I am ready to pay for it.



  1. I hope I’m first. Please say I’m first?

    Yes you are!

    RIP Poxi. I kinda liked Otongolo (sp) Time, and Lunch Time.

    There was Jaber too! My favorite was Shetani ana nguvu

    Comment by pinkmemoirs — November 25, 2008 @ 4:51 am

  2. The real heroes are usually lost to History….

    I feel you.

    Comment by Kei — November 27, 2008 @ 1:29 pm

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